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Cotton Swabs

Organic Cotton Swabs

Experience pure and eco-friendly personal care with our Organic Cotton Swabs. Crafted from 100% organic cotton and bamboo, these swabs redefine gentle hygiene. Certified CE and FSC, they offer versatility with a touch of purity for your daily routines. Care for yourself and the planet with PureTouch.


    • Type: Cotton Bud
    • Certification: CE, FSC
    • Material: Bamboo Cotton (100% cotton + Bamboo Stick)
    • Product Name: Organic Cotton Swabs
    • Color: White Cotton + Natural Wood Color
    • Usage: Personal Care
    • Stick Material: Wood Bamboo
    • Package: OEM Package
    • Feature: Eco-friendly

Organic Cotton Swabs Uses

  1. Ear Cleaning (External Use Only): Gentle and safe for external ear cleaning, avoiding the ear canal.
  2. Makeup Application and Correction: Perfect for precise makeup application and quick corrections.
  3. Nail Art and Detailing: Achieve intricate details in nail art with precision.
  4. Cleaning Small and Hard-to-Reach Areas: Ideal for keyboards, camera lenses, and other small surfaces.
  5. Art Projects and Painting: Versatile for art projects, providing accuracy in painting and detailing.
  6. Craft Projects: Apply glue, paint, or small amounts of adhesive with ease.
  7. Detailing in Model Making: Perfect for intricate details in model making projects.
  8. Touching Up Paint: Precision in touching up paint in small areas or corners.
  9. Applying or Removing Small Amounts of Product: Use for creams, ointments, gels with precision.
  10. Cleaning Delicate Jewelry: Safely remove dirt and polish delicate jewelry.